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adamsandlerlj's Journal

adam sandler
120, 1940's, 1950's glamour, abandoned places, alice in wonderland, alison moyet, all black, allison cameron, andy serkis, antony & the johnsons, art criticism, aslan, balenciaga, barcodes, bat, being pissed off, blake, bob bryar's solo project, btvs fanfiction, casablanca, chicago bulls, computer science house, cubs, cybernetics, dead like me, dell, dkay.com, dramas, dying hair, edea, etc, experimental, extensions, face the fact, fassbinder, ferrari, forth, fragrance, furry comics, ga, gail kim, galactic alliance, gangrel, gaston gaudio, george jung, gil evans, hansel and gretel, harry potter soundtracks, historical costumes, homeless, homestarrunner.com, hotspot, hugo weasley, id, iguanas, indeed sir, indesign, intellectual property, jeeves and wooster, jerusalem, jude, kare first love, kirito, lana lang, leon scott kennedy, lime, live action, live sound, los angeles, lucius malfoy, lucius/harry, lucy lawless, lyrical, maldives, martin amis, medical fetish, meetings, michelle federer, midnight cowboy, milano, mirc, najee, net, newcastle, ninja turtles, nitro, number six, one word, open software, peace orchestra, peeing outside, photoshop cs, ping, port wine cheese, rachel hurd-wood, referral, remus/sirius, remy zero, ren, resist, robert doisneau, sauternes, scala, scavenger hunts, scooters, screenshots, she-ra, shojo-ai, slade, sli, sniper rifle, star magazine, stephen king, sub, supermodels, swingers, taco cabana, tags, teddy geiger, the t, thom yorke, togainu no chi, tom kaulitz, tortoiseshell cats, trent reznor, vim, westlife, wing-chun, worship, yugi motou